Technology, Burning Man 2006-11-11 08:08

Now this is really cool: an open source, single board computer suitable for use in hobby applications. Oh how I wish I had known about this for some my past Burning Man projects! It’s small (fits in the palm of your hand, and there’s stamp version as well), cheap ($30 - or build it yourself from the schematics, it’s open source after all ), and did I mention open source? So instead of getting some crappy, proprietary development environment that runs only on Windows 98, you get a quality IDE and support libraries that run on any platform. The have some excellent example programs showing just how simple it is to use, like this one.

Spewing Mysticism

Spirituality, Burning Man 2006-09-13 10:07

“If I’m not feeling well, or I’m in a bad mood, telling me to ‘open my heart chakra’ is, to my thinking, equivalent to suggesting that I ‘might find more peace by accepting Jesus’.

Everyone is entitled to their own practise. That’s fine. However, just because pranayama is hip and edgy doesnt make it any less of a personal, spiritual pursuit. There are appropriate times and places for discussing these matters with people, whether that discussion is an objective examination of theology or even an unabashed attempt to convert.

However, it is rude to assume that
a) I share your beliefs regarding prana/chi/kundalini/whatever
b) that I would like to hear more about them, or practise them with you
c) that Burning Man is an appropriate place to proseletyze, unless that is the stated objective of your camp, in which case you can trust me not to visit.”

You rule, Kate.

The Magic is Back

Burning Man 2006-09-12 03:59

2006 was my fifth year attending Burning Man. 2004 and 2005 had been a bit lackluster, so it was with a certain trepidation that I prepared to head out to the playa this year. I mean, those years were great and all - but they were weak compared to the stellar years of 2002 and 2003. One might have gotten the impression that the event had passed its zenith. This could be explained by the greater role of regionals and other local events, which were diverting the energy and attention of burners round the world. Larry Harvey even sent out an apologetic letter after 2004 citing weather conditions the week before the event as an explanation for the low quantity of art that year.

Some people, myself included, speculated that perhaps Burning Man had jumped the shark. This wouldn’t be surprising at all: phenomena such as BM - let’s call them “scenes” - tend to become victims of their own success. Scenes are what they are because of the people in them. But if a scene becomes amazing enough, word starts to get out and you have a flood of new people, aka tourists. There’s nothing wrong with tourists - remember, everyone in the scene was new at some point - but if the ratio of newbies to veterans becomes unbalanced, the scene loses its culture. Newbies look around to the veterans to see how they should behave to participate. If the newbies constitute too large a portion of the population, they will look around and only see other newbies. The culture is then diluted, and eventually lost.
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Luna Sanctuary

Music, Burning Man 2006-08-18 04:56

My art project at this year’s Burning Man is titled Luna Sanctuary, and is located in the 3:00 plaza. This is a chill space with a descent sound system playing trance nightly on more or less the following schedule:

7pm ambient & downtempo
8pm progressive
9pm fullon
10pm psychotic
11pm cold
12pm deep
1am lowkey
2am ambient & downtempo

This schedule is of course subject to my whim and the tolerance of my neighbors. Burn night we will probably go till dawn. Stop by to hang out!

In vaguely related news, my new CD, titled Cold, is now available. Request one through the website, or stop by Luna Sanctuary to grab a copy.

My Burning Man Project History

Burning Man, Art 2006-05-25 10:00