Spewing Mysticism

Spirituality, Burning Man by Adam on 2006-09-13 10:07

“If I’m not feeling well, or I’m in a bad mood, telling me to ‘open my heart chakra’ is, to my thinking, equivalent to suggesting that I ‘might find more peace by accepting Jesus’.

Everyone is entitled to their own practise. That’s fine. However, just because pranayama is hip and edgy doesnt make it any less of a personal, spiritual pursuit. There are appropriate times and places for discussing these matters with people, whether that discussion is an objective examination of theology or even an unabashed attempt to convert.

However, it is rude to assume that
a) I share your beliefs regarding prana/chi/kundalini/whatever
b) that I would like to hear more about them, or practise them with you
c) that Burning Man is an appropriate place to proseletyze, unless that is the stated objective of your camp, in which case you can trust me not to visit.”

You rule, Kate.

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  1. metonymia says:

    With all the warnings against “extreme relativism” and the swarming “whateverism” of our culture today,
    affectations like “open your heart chakra” seem akin to the swanky one-liner “what’s your sign?”; as if the relevance of these soundbyte sermons might pierce some personal armor and point to a path. Fingerism is no substitute for the map made.

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