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Dating by Adam on 2006-12-16 01:47

“Got the hots for one of those strictly monogamous people? Yeah, they’re like puppies - really cute, but often a whole lot of trouble.”

Just one of many useful tips from Things Poly People Should Know.

“Open Fidelity describes a new way of thinking about faithfulness in sexual relationships - a way that doesn’t assume that faithfulness means monogamy. […] Open fidelity means making realistic promises that you can keep, and then keeping them.”

From OpenFidelity.info. Not a lot of content there, but you can order their book.

I discovered these links (any many others) through Polyamory Weekly. This is one of the most entertaining and well-produced podcasts I’ve ever heard - on any subject. It’s extremely useful for anyone that wants to have a successful, happy relationship, whether or not you are poly. You can download the mp3s straight from their site, or subscribe via iTunes. They also post the show notes on LiveJournal.

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