Things That Look Like Things

Culture by Adam on 2008-03-18 01:41

Reality is unrealistic, thanks to fictional entertainment. Real snow looks fake because we’re used to seeing fake snow in movies; real gunshots sound fake compared to the exagerated gunshots on TV. Some choice snippets:

  • Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest in San Francisco. He didn’t win. Likewise, Dolly Parton once entered and lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest.
  • In The Lord Of The Rings films, American actor Brad Douriff (Wormtongue) alway spoke in an English accent in order to maintain it, and upon reverting back to his American accent at the end of filming Bernard Hill (Lord Theoden) wondered why he was suddenly using such a fake American accent.
  • In Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novel Wyrd Sisters: The witches hide the crown of Lancre (a simple gold coronet) among the prop crowns used by a group of traveling players, and the youngest one, Magrat, comments that the real crown looks out of place among the elaborate and ostentatious fake crowns. As Granny Weatherwax tells her, “Things that try to look like things often look more like things than things. Well known fact.”

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