Daylight Saving

Technology, Life, Infinite Series by Adam on 2008-11-19 04:36

Daylight saving day apparently occurred about two weeks ago. For the first time in my life, I didn’t notice.

The reason? All of my clocks are now smart; they know their timezone and the date, so they know when to display daylight saving-shifted times. (This in addition to keeping themselves synced to atomic clocks via the internet and NTP.) I have two smart clocks: one on my computer, and one on my phone. I’m very rarely more than 5 feet away from at least one of these.

I’ve removed all dumb clocks from my life. First, I don’t have any standalone clocks. Next, I don’t set the time on my microwave clock, leaving it showing “0″ when not cooking. And finally, I put a piece of electrical tape over the digital clock in my car’s stereo, so that its time display is not visible.

For the record: daylight saving time is stupid, and should be abolished. It already has been in some places. But until it is gone worldwide, smart clocks are a good workaround.

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