Scandinavia, Wrap-up

Travel by Adam on 2009-03-01 11:13

My last two days in Norway were spent in Voss and Bergen, both rather unremarkable towns from my brief inspection. Voss had a forest campground abutting the fjord waters, which might be interesting to camp in. And there are worse places to kill a day hacking and catching up on email than Bergen.

A commuter flight back to København on Saturday left me with what I thought would be a quiet evening before flying back on Sunday. Instead, I fell in with a Norwegian guy named Amders and his pack of friends, and we ended up partying pretty hard. Thanks Amders, for getting me into the club on your guestlist, and for somehow positioning us so that we were the only two guys at a table of twenty beautiful Danish girls. It was also endlessly entertaining that you kept trying to speak to me in Danish, as well as watching you get confused as you tried to speak to your friends in Norwegian, me in English, and the others at the club in Danish.

And then, home.

Expenses for the final three days: $250 Bergen -> København, $465 for the flight home, $100 for three nights in hostels, $150 for food, $100 in trains and buses.

Grand total for the trip: $3700. About half of that was transportation (planes, trains) and the remainder was evenly split between food and board, plus a few other odds and ends like the international data plan for my iPhone.

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