General by Adam on 2006-07-16 04:44

As part of my ongoing quest to get rid of stuff, I’m converting my library of books from physical to virtual:

By default they are sorted in descending order of my rating, so if you want recommendations, take the ones from the top of the list. I assigned the ratings based on how much they impacted my life more than how good I thought the book was (though the two are closely related).

The ratings are on a scale of 2 - 5 stars, but a two star book is still plenty good. Its presence on the list indicates that I think it’s worth reading.

Also, I’m getting rid of many of my physical copies of these, now that I have them cataloged. Chances are they will just end up in the trash (I’ve never had a lot of luck trying to give old books away, having variously tried used bookstores, public libraries, and Goodwill / Salvation Army.) If you want to take one or more off my hands, just email me at adam [at] dusk [dot] org with your mailing address and a list of title(s).

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