Producers of Structured Indolence

Economics, Travel by Adam on 2008-08-09 09:28

“There is also the question of competitive advantage. Most nations gain their advantage by making things more efficiently, and at lower cost, than their competitors.

To the extent that the French enjoy a natural advantage, it is in their inefficiency: They are the world’s most efficient producers of structured indolence. They are the kept women of the global economy; their status depends, in part, on their practical uselessness.”

Having just gotten back from a week in France, I can wholeheartedly confirm this. The quote is from the extremely enteratining Sarkozy Forces the French to Join the 1980s by Michael Lewis (by way of Megan McArdle).

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  1. Meredith says:

    “Anyone who has ever watched a middle-aged Parisian male muscle aside a pregnant lady with a baby and steal her taxi can see that the French have what it takes to succeed in the modern world. They just don’t want to.”

    Yes. I’m going back.

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