The Youthful Mind

Psychedelia, Life by Adam on 2006-08-05 11:39

“To my mind, the two golden, childlike properties of a brain are curiosity and creativity. Many adult activities (jobs, hobbies, pastimes) use one or the other of these properties, in particular the sciences (mainly curiosity) and the arts (mainly creativity).”

From Curtains Without Windows by Jim Loy

Most people, at some point in their life, cross a line. On one side of the line is carefree youth, when every day is a chance for new discovery and experience. On the other side is mature adulthood, when every day is just another in the endless grind, full of stress and worry and pain.

Not everyone crosses this line at the same time, but for most people it seems to happen somewhere between 25 and 30. The change is almost always rapid and irreversible, except for perhaps the occasional midlife crisis.

Earlier in my life I worried that this was an inescapable aspect of humanity, that it was encoded into our genes. The latter might be true, actually, but I don’t think the former is. Just as we’ve overcome so many of our other natural tendencies so too can we overcome this. One needs only look at examples like Alexander and An Shulgin - both of whom are pictures of health, sound mind, and youthful spirit at age 80 - to see that it can be done.

Footnote: it may very well be the case that psychedelics are a factor for the Shulgins. I can see the advertising campaign now: “LSD - miracle medicine that keeps you young at heart.” The drug warriors are gonna love that one.

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