Immortalizing the Moment

Brother Kaos

The Beautiful People

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Taken from 'Queen of the Bad Faeries' by Brian Froud.  See http://www.faeries.net/ for more information.

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Have you ever seen a piece of art that made you want to cry? You felt as though you knew the artist... or rather, that the artist knew you, and that they have expressed your most intimate, secret feelings in a way that can only be described as beautiful. You want to meet them, to know them, to tell them what they have done to you with their work... but then you think of all of the countless clones that must have muttered those same words in the past. You think of the look of discust you will see on their face as you express you admiration, and you fall back. You take one last look at that work of art that seems to be a thorn pulled from your very heart, and sadly withdraw, silently saying a thank you to the goddess for creating such an artist.

You've never felt that way before? Well, neither have I... I was just, you know, asking...

Okay, I have, and these are the pieces that have touched my heart across the wires. It is rare that I find them, for they are few and far between. Each listed here has been in some way, a mirror of my soul. Each has been skillfully designed, and beautifully portrayed. Each is art.

She opens the floodgates of her mind, and beauty flows out. The hot colors of her emotions melt together to create a beautiful collage, a picture of herself, a picture of her world, a picture of me, and of my world. Ssshhh... listen...

"...and i dont want to care.caring can be dificult, especially about yourself, but thats another story, on that i dont want to tell. here is where the mind goes blank. and i forget what was to be said. the whole purpose of this page but nothing i do has purpose so i guess it doesnt matter, if your here your just as bored as i am. either that or just as stupid. so why dont i go away and leave this where it is. maybe ill add more later."

There isn't really a whole lot I can say about this one. You just have to see it, that's all.

The Dark Side

What can I say? I'm a sucker for nicely polished pages with dark eye candy. When you've got that, who needs content?